Servicing and Indemnification Obligations

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Servicing and Indemnification Obligations. Are the obligations, duties, and liabilities of GMACM under the Contract and as seller under the Asset Purchase Agreement dated as of November 14, 2008 by and between GMACM and Nationstar Mortgage LLC, that arise in connection with servicing of the Single Family Mortgages including, without limitation, all of the day-to day servicing activities and reporting, remitting, and loss mitigation activities, all servicing representations, warranties and covenants, the obligation to perform certain... administrative and reporting duties with respect to REO properties, the obligation to defend and indemnify Fannie Mae in litigation and for any claims made by third parties (including borrowers), and for related losses and expenses incurred, with respect to the Single Family Mortgages, including without limitation any such third-party claims which may be based on acts or omissions that may constitute breaches of any Single Family Selling Representations and Warranties, and the obligation to indemnify Fannie Mae for losses and expenses (including litigation), in any case incurred due to servicing errors or omissions or from delays in servicing and loss mitigation activities resulting from practices related to legal pleadings and affidavit preparation, review, and notarization and similar activities and practices. These Servicing and Indemnification Obligations shall continue and are unaffected by this Agreement. View More
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