Servicing Contract

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Servicing Contract. Means, collectively, (i) with respect to all Assets other than Ginnie Mae Advances, those servicing agreements described on Schedule 2 attached hereto, as amended from time to time, to which Borrower is a party, pursuant to which Borrower acts as the servicer of portfolios of Mortgage Loans or specified Mortgage Loans, and by which Borrower's servicing obligations are governed with respect to an Eligible Securitization Transaction and with respect to Servicing Rights, in the case of each... Servicing Contract between Borrower and an Agency, subject to an Acknowledgement Agreement with such Agency, and (ii) with respect to Ginnie Mae Advances, the Repurchase Agreement to the extent of the servicing requirements set forth therein, pursuant to which Borrower will service the related Ginnie Mae Loans. For all purposes of this Agreement, the term "Servicing Contracts" shall include any and all instruments, agreements, invoices or other writings, which gives rise to or otherwise evidence any of the Receivables or Servicing Rights View More
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