Shareholders' Equity

Example Definitions of "Shareholders' Equity"
Shareholders' Equity. (A) the sum of the net proceeds from any issuances of the Trust's equity securities since inception (allocated on a pro rata daily basis for such issuances during the fiscal quarter of any such issuance); plus (B) the Trust's retained earnings at the end of such quarter; less (C) any amount that the Trust pays for repurchases of its Common Shares (allocated on a pro rata daily basis for such repurchases during the fiscal quarter of any such repurchase); excluding (D) one-time events pursuant to... changes in GAAP and certain other non-cash charges after discussions between the Manager and the Independent Trustees and after approval by a majority of the Independent Trustees. The Conditional Payments shall be taken into account in the calculation of Shareholders' Equity only from and after the payment thereof, if any. For purposes of calculating the Base Management Fee, outstanding limited partnership interests in the Operating Partnership (other than limited partnership interests held by the Trust) shall be treated as outstanding Common Shares. View More
Shareholders' Equity. Means, as of any date of determination, the sum of consolidated shareholders' equity of the Borrower and its Subsidiaries as of that date determined in accordance with GAAP, but excluding the effect of any adjustment under Statement of Financial Accounting Standards No. 115; provided, however, that for purposes of calculating Shareholder's Equity for the Debt to Capitalization Ratio and Section 7.09, no equity value shall be attributed to any Additional Trust Securities unless the Required... Lenders determine otherwise. View More
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