Significant Event

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Significant Event. (i) entry (or announcement of any intention enter) by the Company in, or recommendation of the Company of, any transaction that would, if consummated, result in any third party acquiring, or having the right to acquire, 33% or more of the Company's voting securities, (ii) the majority of the Board being comprised, at any time, of persons that were initially nominated by any person other than by the nominating committee of the Board (or such committee performing such function) (Dissident... Directors); provided that, persons nominated or designated by such Dissident Directors or a committee comprised of Dissident Directors, shall be deemed Dissident Directors other than nominees initially proposed by any third party (other than the Initial Stockholder or the Company), or (iii) any adoption by the Board of any plan of liquidation or dissolution of the Company. View More
Significant Event. The occurrence of, at anytime following the Effective Date, (a) the Common Stock trading at or above 2.0 times the then-applicable Conversion Price for a period of thirty (30) consecutive trading days, with minimum average trading volume of 250,000 shares per day over such period and (b) the shares of Common Stock issuable upon Conversion in accordance with Section 7(b) being (or would reasonably considered to be) freely-tradable by Holder
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