Example Definitions of "Site"
Site. In respect of a Service, the site at which the Service is to be provided
Site. The property specifically defined in Exhibit "B", attached hereto and made a part hereof
Site. Domain names, the World Wide Web, the Internet, computer network/distribution systems, or other electronic communications sites.
Site. The site situated at 1820 North 161st East Avenue, Tulsa Oklahoma where Syntroleum established the Pilot Facility for testing of its proprietary gas conversion processes and which Pilot Facility is currently leased to Sasol
Site. Means the Affiliate's Internet website which displays Affiliate's goods and services and related materials.
Site. A hospital, clinic, institution, academic institution, or office of a practicing physician participating in the conduct of the Study.
Site. Means an Internet e-commerce site of Costco or an Affiliate Purchaser or an Internet e-commerce site of a third party authorized by Costco or an Affiliate Purchaser to offer Products for sale.
Site. A lot in the Mortgaged Property leased to a Person under a Lease.
Site. The Web site domains,,,, and such other Web site domains as the Customer and Google may mutually agree in writing to include within the definition of the Site during the Term of this Agreement
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