SOFR Interest Rate

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SOFR Interest Rate. Means, with respect to each day during which interest accrues on any portion of a SOFR Loan, subject to the terms and conditions of the Amended Agreement, the rate per annum (expressed as a percentage) equal to Term SOFR for the applicable Term SOFR Interest Period for such day, plus the SOFR Margin that applies to such type of SOFR Loan plus the SOFR Spread Adjustment for the applicable Term SOFR Interest Period; provided that if the Existing Agreement contains a minimum percentage floor for... the "all in" sum of US dollar LIBOR plus the margin added thereto in accordance with the Existing Agreement for a US dollar LIBOR Credit Extension thereunder of the same type, then the SOFR Interest Rate on such SOFR Loan or portion thereof shall not at any time be less than such minimum percentage floor. View More
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