Solvent Reorganization

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Solvent Reorganization. Any solvent reorganization of the Company or any Subsidiary of the Company, including by merger, consolidation, recapitalization, transfer or sale of shares or assets, or contribution of assets and/or liabilities, or any liquidation, exchange of securities, conversion of entity, migration of entity, formation of new entity, or any other transaction or group of related transactions (in each case other than to or with a third party that is not a member of the Company Group or its Affiliates... (which Affiliates may include an entity formed for the purpose of such Solvent Reorganization)), in which: (i) all holders of Option Shares are offered the same consideration in respect of such Option Shares; 3 (ii) the pro rata indirect economic interests of the holders of Option Shares in the business of the Company, relative to each other and all other holders, directly or indirectly, of equity securities in the Company Group (other than those held by entities within the Company Group), are preserved; and (iii) the rights of the holders of Option Shares are preserved in all material respects (it being understood by way of illustration and not limitation that the relocation of a covenant or restriction from one instrument to another shall be deemed a preservation if the relocation is necessitated, by virtue of any law or regulations applicable to the Company Group following such Solvent Reorganization, as a result of any change in jurisdiction or form of entity in connection with the Solvent Reorganization; provided that such covenants and restrictions are retained in instruments that are, as nearly as practicable and to the extent consistent with business and transactional objectives, equivalent to the instruments in which such restrictions or covenants were contained prior to the Solvent Reorganization) View More
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