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Source Code. The software programs and supporting files which can be used to create Object Code and/or Executable Binary, and that are written using human readable formats including, but not limited to, high-level languages such as C or intermediate languages such as assembler. Source code also means auto-generated source code which is created by a software tool, which is then subject to assembly, compilation or further processing to create an Executable Binary
Source Code. Means the instructions for computer programs and applications that are designed to be readable by the human eye, which when compiled or otherwise altered become usable by a computer. Source Code includes all related diagrams, flow charts, and programmers notes.
Source Code. Computer programs written in higher-level programming languages, sometimes accompanied by English language comments. Source Code is intelligible to trained programmers and may be translated to Object Code for operation on computer equipment through the process of compiling or assembling. No source code license is granted hereunder.
Source Code. The human-readable version of a software program that requires further compilation or other processing before it can execute on a computer.
Source Code. Means all source code and all updates, releases and/or new versions of the Software.
Source Code. The source code for the Software, whether in printed, machine readable, and any other form and including all existing comments, and all test suites and technical and other documentation reasonably necessary for a reasonably skilled programmer to understand and use the source code. "Source Code" shall include the product of all programming and work performed
Source Code. A form of computer program or portion thereof written in a programming language employed by computer programmers that must be translated into Executable Code before it can be executed
Source Code. Fully annotated and compilable software in human-perceivable format, not suitable for machine execution without compilation or interpretation, and including all associated Documentation and Updates
Source Code. With respect to the Licensed Software, the source code of such software and all related compiler command files, build scripts, scripts relating to the operation and maintenance of such application, application programming interface (API), graphical user interface (GUI), object libraries, all relevant instructions on building the object code of such application, and all documentation relating to the foregoing, such that collectively the foregoing will be sufficient to enable a person possessing... reasonable skill and expertise in computer software and information technology to build, load and operate the machine-executable object code of such application, to maintain and support such application and to effectively use all functions and features of such software. All written documentation provided in support of the Source Code will be in English. View More
Source Code. Means the human readable source code of the Software to which it relates, in the programming language in which such Software was written, together with all related flow charts and technical documentation, including a description of the procedure for generating object code, all of a level sufficient to enable a programmer reasonably fluent in such programming language to understand, operate, support, maintain, and develop modifications, upgrades, updates, enhancements, improvements, and new... versions of, and to develop computer programs compatible with, such Software. View More
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