Space Plan

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Space Plan. A floor plan, drawn to scale, showing: (1) demising walls, corridor doors, interior partition walls and interior doors, including any special walls, glass partitions or special corridor doors, (2) any restrooms, kitchens, computer rooms, file rooms and other special purpose rooms, and any sinks or other plumbing facilities, or other special facilities or equipment, (3) any communications system, indicating telephone and computer outlet locations, and (4) any other details or features required... to reasonably delineate the Work to be performed. View More
Space Plan. The set of design drawings that have been (i) prepared by Tenant's Architect, (ii) approved by both Landlord and Tenant, and (iii) specifies the Tenant improvements to the Premises as requested by Tenant to be completed by Landlord pursuant to the terms and conditions of the Lease and this Exhibit E.
Space Plan. The Preliminary Space Plan as finally approved in writing by Landlord and Tenant as provided below
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