Space Size Ratios

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Space Size Ratios. Means, in respect of any Subleased Premises, the ratio of (x) the size of the selling space in the Subleased Premises to (y) the size of the selling space in the entire Leased Premises regardless of the person, party or entity in possession or control thereof. All such sizes, as of the date hereof, are as reflected on Schedule 5. The applicable Space Size Ratios shall be adjusted accordingly in the event of any change in the size of either a Leased Premises or a Subleased Premises, or in the... event of the presence of any other tenants or occupants in the Leased Premises, but shall not be adjusted solely due to a reallocation between the total amount of selling space and the total amount of storage space in a given Leased Premises or Subleased Premises. View More
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