SpaceCom Indebtedness

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SpaceCom Indebtedness. All of the following, whether now or hereafter outstanding or incurred: (i) the principal of and interest (including interest accruing after commencement of a proceeding in bankruptcy, reorganization or insolvency, whether or not allowable as a claim) on the loans and obligations, and all other amounts (including, without limitation, all reimbursement obligations, fees, indemnities, charges, expenses and other monetary obligations), owing from time to time under the SpaceCom Credit Agreement... and the other SpaceCom Credit Documents; (ii) the obligations owing by SpaceCom, or a subsidiary or affiliate of SpaceCom, to any lender or affiliate of a lender under the SpaceCom Credit Agreement arising under any interest rate protection or foreign currency exchange agreement or any guaranty given in respect thereof; (iii) the Pledgor's guaranty obligations in respect of the SpaceCom Credit Agreement and the other SpaceCom Credit Documents; and (iv) all amendments, modifications, renewals, extensions, refinancings, refundings and restructurings of any of the foregoing SpaceCom Indebtedness, whether in whole or in part, and the agreements governing such SpaceCom Indebtedness; provided, however, that under no circumstances shall the obligations owing under the Collateral Documents to the lenders and the administrative agent under the Satellite Credit Agreement be considered SpaceCom Indebtedness. View More
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