Special Mandatory Redemption Event

Example Definitions of "Special Mandatory Redemption Event"
Special Mandatory Redemption Event. The occurrence of any of the following: (i) the Escrow Agent has not received a Release Request on or prior to May 23, 2016 (or six months following such date in the event the "End Date" (as defined in the Acquisition Agreement) is extended to such date in accordance with the Acquisition Agreement and the Escrow Issuer has informed the Escrow Agent of such extension); (ii) the Escrow Issuer notifies the Escrow Agent and the Trustee in writing that the Issuers will not pursue the consummation of... the Acquisition Transactions and that the Acquisition Agreement has been terminated in accordance with its terms; or (iii) the Escrow Issuer fails to deposit any Additional Deposit Amount on or prior to the applicable Additional Deposit Date View More
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