Special Rules and Sub-Plans

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Special Rules and Sub-Plans. Notwithstanding anything herein to the contrary, the Administrator may adopt special rules or sub-plans applicable to the employees of a particular Designated Company, whenever the Administrator determines that such rules are necessary or appropriate for the implementation of the Plan in a jurisdiction where such Designated Company has employees, regarding, without limitation, eligibility to participate in the Plan, handling and making of payroll deductions or contributions by other means,... establishment of bank or trust accounts to hold payroll deductions or contributions, payment of interest, conversion of local currency, obligation to pay payroll tax, withholding procedures and handling of share issuances, any of which may vary according to applicable requirements; provided that if such special rules or sub-plans are inconsistent with the requirements of Section 423(b) of the Code the employees subject to such special rules or sub-plans will participate in the Non-423 Component. View More
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