Special Servicer Fees and Expenses

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Special Servicer Fees and Expenses. The fees and expenses set forth in the separate fee letter agreement between the Borrower and U.S. Bank National Association, including (i) the initial acceptance fee (the "Acceptance Fee"), (ii) the monthly administration fee due prior to the Special Servicer Period (the "Monthly Fee"), (iii) the one-time replacement servicer engagement fee due immediately prior to the Special Servicer becoming the servicer under Section 6.3 below (the "Engagement Fee") and (iv) the monthly replacement... servicer administration fee due on and during the Special Servicer Period (the "Servicing Fee"), and (b) reasonable out-of-pocket costs, expenses and indemnities (including reasonable attorneys, accountants, consultants, and other advisors fees and expenses) incurred by the Special Servicer in connection with it serving as Special Servicer hereunder, including without limitation, fees or charges for advertising, maintaining or storing collateral, photocopying, notarization, couriers and messengers, telecommunication, public record searches, filing fees, recording fees, publication, real estate surveys, real estate title policies and endorsements, and environmental audits. Each of the Acceptance Fee, the Monthly Fee, the Engagement Fee and the Servicing Fee assumes that the Split-Funded Notes Receivable pursuant to this Agreement are comprised of five (5) notes receivable or less. U.S. Bank National Association reserves its right to increase such fees if the Split-Funded Notes Receivable are comprised of five (5) or more notes receivable View More
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