Specified Foreign Acquisitions

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Specified Foreign Acquisitions. Provided that the sum of (i) the aggregate consideration paid (whether consisting of cash or other assets and including the aggregate amount of any Indebtedness or other obligations assumed, but excluding consideration in the form of Equity Interests of the Borrower that do not constitute Disqualified Equity Interests) for all such Specified Foreign Acquisitions, (ii) the aggregate outstanding amount of Investments in Foreign Subsidiaries pursuant to clauses (c), (d) and (e) of this Section... 6.04 and (iii) the aggregate outstanding amount of Investments in Joint Ventures pursuant to clause (n) of this Section 6.04, shall not exceed the greater of (x) 15% of Consolidated Total Assets and (y) $150,000,000 (as reduced by any deemed utilization of such basket provided for in the definition of Permitted Acquisition) View More
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