Sponsor Registrable Securities

Example Definitions of "Sponsor Registrable Securities"
Sponsor Registrable Securities. The Shares owned or hereafter acquired by a Sponsor, and any Shares into which Share Equivalents held by a Sponsor have been converted, exchanged or acquired and any other securities issued or issuable with respect to such securities by way of a stock dividend or stock split or in connection with a combination of shares, recapitalization, merger, consolidation or reorganization; provided, that any Sponsor Registrable Security will cease to be a Sponsor Registrable Security when (a) a... registration statement covering such Sponsor Registrable Security has been declared effective by the Commission and it has been disposed of pursuant to such effective registration statement, (b) it is sold under circumstances in which all of the applicable conditions of Rule 144 (or any similar provisions then in effect) under the Securities Act are met, (c)(i) it has been otherwise transferred, (ii) the Company has delivered a new certificate or other evidence of ownership for it not bearing any restrictive legend and (iii) it may be resold without subsequent registration under the Securities Act, or (d) it is held by a Person that is not a Holder in accordance with the provisos to the definition of Holder provided for herein View More
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