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Spouse. Shall have the meaning given to such term in the Qualified Plan
Spouse. Shall have the The meaning given to such term in the Qualified Plan
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Spouse. And shall be limited to the Director's spouse during the Director's active service and at the date of the Director's Termination
Spouse. The Director's spouse at the date of the Director's death, retirement or other departure from the Board of Directors after age 70 or at the date of his or her departure from the Board of Directors following a Change of Control, as the case may be.
Spouse. Means with respect to the Participant, the person to whom the Participant is legally married, or to whom he was legally married at the time of his death. The term spouse specifically excludes a former spouse if the marriage was terminated by divorce, annulment, or dissolution, rather than by the death of one of the parties.
Spouse. Shall have the meanings given this term in the PCS Inc. Pension Plan from time to time
Spouse. Shall mean the spouse to whom Executive was married on December 21, 2006. For the avoidance of doubt, if Executive and his Spouse divorce, such divorce shall not terminate the Spouse's rights under this Agreement, and any subsequent spouse of Executive shall be entitled to no benefits under this Agreement.
Spouse. An individual to whom a Participant is legally married and is named in the Participant's Joinder Agreement as being eligible to receive Spouse benefits under the Plan. A spouse from whom the Participant is divorced shall no longer be considered a Spouse as of the date of divorce. The term "Spouse" shall not include a person who the Participant marries subsequent to the initial Joinder Agreement date unless such person is named in a revised Joinder Agreement
Spouse. During the Term of Employment, the person who as of the relevant date is legally married to the Executive
Spouse. Includes a widow or a widower.
Spouse. The spouse of Employee to whom Employee is married, pursuant to a religious or civil ceremony recognized by the laws of the state where the marriage was contracted, on the date such status is being determined
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