Status Report

Example Definitions of "Status Report"
Status Report. Specific, pledged loan level information that FHLBank may request from time to time. Such information may include, but is not limited to, information identifying the borrower, account and loan numbers, servicing information, principal, interest, tax, and insurance payment status, payment or delinquency histories since loan origination, appraisal or underlying collateral valuation sources, loan to value, debt to income or housing ratios and the components used in the calculation thereof, the... existence or requirement to maintain single premium credit life insurance, the existence of prepayment penalties, loan term data including payment amounts, interest rates, annual percentage rates, margins, caps, floors, balloon amounts, balloon dates, maturities, amortization periods, HUD-1 Statements or any specific information reflected on those Statements, FICO scores, bureau scores, or internal credit scoring model scores or results. View More
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