Stipulated Loss Value

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Stipulated Loss Value. As of any Rent Payment Date and with respect to an Item of Equipment, the amount determined by multiplying the Total Cost for such Item of Equipment by the percentage specified in the applicable Stipulated Loss Value Supplement opposite such Rent Payment Date
Stipulated Loss Value. Shall mean Twenty Two Million Seven Hundred and Sixty Seven Thousand Four Hundred (U.S. $22,767,400.00) United States Dollars; provided, that for purposes of Section 15(b) and Section 18(c) hereof, any determination of Stipulated Loss Value as of a date occurring after the final Rent Payment Date shall be made as of such final Rent Payment Date.
Stipulated Loss Value. Means, as of any particular date, the product obtained by multiplying the "Lessor's Cost" specified in the Schedule by the percentage set forth in the "Schedule of Stipulated Loss Values" attached to the Schedule, specified opposite the Rent installment number (or date) becoming due immediately after the Casualty, Event of Default or other event requiring the calculation of Stipulated Loss Value. If there is no Schedule of Stipulated Loss Values attached to a Schedule, or if the Schedule of... Stipulated Loss Values does not otherwise cover a Rent installment number (or date), Stipulated Loss Value on any Rent payment date shall equal the net present value of: (a) all unpaid Rent for the remainder of the Lease Term, plus (b) the amount of any purchase obligation, fixed price purchase option, or TRAC amount payment or, if there is no such obligation, option or payment, then the fair market value of the Equipment as of the end of the Lease Term, as estimated by Lessor in its sole discretion, all discounted to present value at the Discount Rate View More
Stipulated Loss Value. Shall have the meaning specified in the applicable Schedule.
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