Stock Appreciation Right or SAR

Example Definitions of "Stock Appreciation Right or SAR"
Stock Appreciation Right or SAR. A unit of measurement intended to represent the value of a share of common stock of LS&CO.
Stock Appreciation Right or SAR. An Award, designated as a stock appreciation right, granted to a Participant under the Plan as provided in Section 9.
Stock Appreciation Right or SAR. "Stock Appreciation Right" or "SAR" means an Award, granted alone or in connection with a related Option, that pursuant to Section 6 is designated as an SAR.
Stock Appreciation Right or SAR. An Award granted under Section 9 under which a Participant may receive, upon exercise, an amount payable in cash or shares equal to the number of shares subject to the SAR that is being exercised, multiplied by the excess of (a) the Fair Market Value of a share of Company Stock on the date the SAR is exercised, over (b) the exercise price specified in the SAR.
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