Stock Consideration

Example Definitions of "Stock Consideration"
Stock Consideration. The meaning set forth in the Purchase Agreement
Stock Consideration. Means the Common Stock Consideration and the Preferred Stock Consideration, collectively.
Stock Consideration. Such number of shares of NRG Common Stock as is equal to the quotient of (a) $350,000,000 divided by (b) the volume-weighted average trading price of a share of NRG Common Stock over the twenty Business Days prior to the initial public disclosure of the Restructuring
Stock Consideration. Has the meaning set forth in the recitals to this Agreement.
Stock Consideration. Means the Main Street Stock Consideration and Prudential Stock Consideration, collectively.
Stock Consideration. Stock Consideration means that number of Purchaser Common Shares, round up to the nearest whole number, equal to the quotient determined by dividing (x) the result of (A) $122,810,000 plus (B) the amount, if any, by which the aggregate value of Company RMUs and Company MURs which will be substituted for RSAs, as set forth on Annex III and as provided in Section 1.04(a) and Section 1.04(c) is less than $9,330,000 and (y) the Average Purchase Share Price; provided that, in no event shall the... Stock Consideration exceed an amount equal to 19.99% of the Purchaser Common Shares issued and outstanding as of immediately prior to the Closing. View More
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