Example Definitions of "Stores"
Stores. The 7-Eleven corporate operated stores and 7-Eleven franchisee stores in the Territory (which Stores are identified on Schedule B hereto), together with all additional convenience stores or franchises in the Territory acquired or controlled by 7-Eleven after the Effective Date of this Agreement, whether or not such convenience stores or franchises are branded as "7-Eleven" stores, but excluding certain stores excluded pursuant to the terms of Section 3.2, as well as all stores consisting of... less than 500 square feet, except that any such stores of less than 500 square feet which by mutual written agreement are designated as constituting Stores shall nevertheless qualify as "Stores" View More
Stores. The retail grocery stores now owned or operated by the Company at the locations identified on Exhibit "A" attached hereto and any retail grocery stores hereafter owned or operated by the Company, and includes the Company's fee interest or leasehold interest in any real property on which such Stores are located and the furniture, fixtures, equipment, personal property, inventory and other assets owned by the Company located in such Stores
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