Example Definitions of "Sublicense(s)"
Sublicense(s). Any agreement(s) or combination of agreements however captioned and regardless of how the conveyances are referred to therein, in which Licensee: (a) grants or otherwise conveys any of the rights licensed hereunder; (b) agrees not to assert any of the rights licensed hereunder; (c) has obtained agreement not to practice any right licensed hereunder; (d) permits the making, offering for sale using, selling or importing of Licensed Products by a third party; (e) provides a third party... development, manufacturing, marketing, distribution or acquisition rights for Licensed Products; and/or (f) grants an option or other future right to obtain any of the foregoing, in each case regardless of how such person or entity is referred to therein. For clarification, (i) to the extent that Licensee, its Affiliates or other Sublicensees do not receive consideration beyond the fair market value of Licensed Products supplied, in no event shall 'Sublicense(s)' include agreement(s) with manufacturers, suppliers, or Distributors or the like or other service arrangements entered into for purposes of distribution, supply, and/or manufacturing or similar arrangements of the Licensed Product; and (ii) arrangements entered into for the purposes of funding product development in exchange for development, manufacturing, marketing or distribution rights are Sublicenses. View More
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