Sublicensing Receipts

Example Definitions of "Sublicensing Receipts"
Sublicensing Receipts. Consideration of any kind whether monetary or otherwise, received by Teva or its Affiliates for or in connection with the grant of Sublicenses and/or options for Sublicenses, including, one time, lump sum or other payments, except for: (i) gross receipts for commercial sales of Licensed Product that are subject to royalty payments to Cell Cure; (ii) amounts received from a Sublicensee solely to finance research and development activities to be performed by or on behalf of Teva in connection... with such Sublicense (as evidenced by itemized invoices, receipts or other supporting documentation); or (iii) payments received in reimbursement for patent expenses incurred at any time after the date of the grant of the sublicense. View More
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