Subordinate Debt

Example Definitions of "Subordinate Debt"
Subordinate Debt. The principal amount of the indebtedness evidenced by the Subordinate Note, together with any interest, premium, yield maintenance charges, breakage costs, late charges, default interest, costs of collection, protective advances, advances to cure defaults, indemnities, reimbursement obligations and any other amount or obligation (including any fee or expense) due thereon or payable with respect thereto or pursuant to the Subordinate Loan Documents, whether outstanding on the date of this... Agreement or hereafter incurred, and all permitted renewals, modifications, amendments, supplements, consolidations, restatements, extensions, refinances and refundings of any thereof. View More
Subordinate Debt. The debt of Borrower to certain shareholders and Affiliates of Borrower described in the Subordination Agreements
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