Subsequent Closing Date

Example Definitions of "Subsequent Closing Date"
Subsequent Closing Date. The date that the Company selects by not less than 10 days' prior written notice to the Subsequent Closing Purchasers or such other date as the Company and the Subsequent Closing Purchasers who are entitled to purchase at least a majority of the Subsequent Common Stock to be purchased at the Subsequent Closing may mutually agree in writing
Subsequent Closing Date. The Trading Day on which the Purchaser has obtained the ODI Approvals in connection with the Subsequent Closing and completed the requisite currency conversion, and all conditions precedent to (i) the Purchasers' obligations to pay the Subsequent Purchase Price and (ii) the Company's obligations to deliver the Shares, in each case, have been satisfied or waived, but in no event later than sixty (60) days after the Initial Closing Date
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