Substantially Completed

Example Definitions of "Substantially Completed"
Substantially Completed. When Landlord considers the Work in the Suite 800 Premises to be Substantially Completed, Landlord will notify Tenant and, within three business days thereafter, Landlord's representative and Tenant's representative shall conduct a walk-through of the Suite 800 Premises and identify any necessary touch-up work, repairs and minor completion items that are necessary for final completion of the Work. Neither Landlord's representative nor Tenant's representative shall unreasonably withhold his or... her agreement on punchlist items. Landlord shall use reasonable efforts to cause the contractor performing the Work to complete all punchlist items within 30 days after agreement thereon; however, Landlord shall not be obligated to engage overtime labor in order to complete such items. In no case, other than as may be caused by Force Majeure Delay Days or Tenant Delay Days, shall Landlord take longer than 60 days after agreement thereon to accomplish items on the punchlist. View More
Substantially Completed. The Work in the Premises is substantially performed (as that term is defined in the Construction Lien Act (Ontario)) as reasonably determined by the Architect, in accordance with the Working Drawings.
Substantially Completed. The Work in the Premises has been performed in substantial accordance with the Working Drawings, as reasonably determined by Landlord (other than any details of construction, mechanical adjustment or other similar matter, the noncompletion of which does not materially interfere with Tenant's use or occupancy of the Premises) and that Tenant has the legal right to occupy the Premises for the Permitted Use.
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