Example Definitions of "Substitution"
Substitution. Shall mean all exchanges of shares made within a single day.
Substitution. The Parties intend that the Assignee be substituted for the Assignor. Remaining Party recognizes Assignee as Assignor's successor-in-interest in and to the Assigned Agreement. Assignee by this Agreement becomes entitled to all rights, title, and interest of Assignor in and to the Assigned Agreement in as much as Assignee is the substituted party to the Assigned Agreement as of and after the Effective Date. Remaining Party and Assignee shall be bound by the terms of the Assigned Agreement in... every way as if Assignee is named in the novated Assigned Agreement in place of Assigning Party as a party thereto. Assignor represents and warrants that there is no payment or other liability of Assignor to Remaining Party which has accrued and remains outstanding as of the Effective Date. View More
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