Example Definitions of "Subtenant"
Subtenant. Any tenant, assignee, subtenant, licensee, concessionaire or other occupant of the Premises (other than Tenant), and the term "sublease" shall mean any lease, assignment, sublease, license or other agreement for the use or occupancy of any such space (other than this Lease).
Subtenant. Means either a Limited Tenant or Express, as the context may require, which party subleases the Subleased Premises from the other party (as Tenant under a Prime Lease) pursuant to this Agreement; provided, with respect to any Guaranteed Lease Store, Express shall be deemed to be the Tenant hereunder.
Subtenant. The subtenant (or, if more than one, the subtenants) under the Sublease, individually or collectively as the context may require
Subtenant. The person or entity with whom a Sublet agreement is proposed to be or is made.
Subtenant. Agrees that for purposes of this Sublease, all references contained in the Third Amendment to the Overlease (including Exhibit A thereto) to (1) "Tenant Improvements" shall mean "Subtenant's Work", (2) "TI Costs" shall mean "Soft Costs" (as hereafter defined), (3) "TI Fund" shall mean the "Sublet Improvement Allowance" (as defined below) and (4) all references, to terms and conditions applicable to the "TI Allowance" and "TI Fund" shall be applicable to the Subtenant Improvement Allowance.
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