Supplemental Amount

Example Definitions of "Supplemental Amount"
Supplemental Amount. (c) "Supplemental Amount" shall mean, $25,000,000; provided, that, the Supplemental Amount shall be reduced to zero (0) on the earlier of (i) the date that is six (6) months after the Execution Date (as defined therein) under the Parlux Agreement, (ii) June 30, 2007, (iii) the day on which Borrower Agent shall have notified Agent that it irrevocably elects to reduce the Supplemental Amount to zero (0) or (iv) the day that is 60 days following day on which any Borrower or Guarantor enters into... any agreement pursuant to which such Borrower or Guarantor grants a license to a third party to use the "Perry Ellis" trade name in connection with cologne, perfume or any other fragrance product. Notwithstanding any other provision of the Loan Agreement to the contrary, at all times prior to the Parlux Transaction and the satisfaction of the conditions set forth in Section 2(a)-(f) of Amendment No. 12 in accordance with the terms thereof, the Supplemental Amount shall be zero (0). View More
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