Supplemental Retirement Benefit Compensation

Example Definitions of "Supplemental Retirement Benefit Compensation"
Supplemental Retirement Benefit Compensation. Shall mean "Compensation" as defined in the Retirement Plan as if amended to include (i) any amounts deferred under the Deferred Compensation Plan at the time of deferral and (ii) any annual awards earned by the Supplemental Participant under the STI Plan in the December of the calendar year for which the award was earned. For purposes of clause (ii) above, if the Supplemental Participant is awarded an annual STI Plan award after his Separation from Service ("subsequent award"), such subsequent... award shall be considered as Supplemental Retirement Benefit Compensation in the December immediately preceding his Separation from Service (in lieu of such prior December's actual award amount) if and only if the subsequent award amount (x) is greater than the actual annual STI Plan award earned for the year preceding the Participant's Separation from Service and (y) results in a greater benefit payable to the Supplemental Participant under this Plan. View More
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