Supply Period

Example Definitions of "Supply Period"
Supply Period. The period beginning on the Effective Date and ending upon the expiration of the Wind Up Period
Supply Period. The period under which Novartis continues to supply and Purchaser continues to purchase (i) with respect to the Product, the Product until the end of the Phase 2 Period and (ii) with respect to the API, the API until as specified in Annex F or, if earlier than and not agreed otherwise by the Parties , with the
Supply Period. Means the period of time commencing with the date of cGMP certification and Neurotrope's acceptance of the initial production run of synthetic bryostatin-1 produced by BryoLogyx under a license to BryoLogyx from Stanford University, and ending upon the earlier of (i) the fifth (5th) annual anniversary of the date of completion by Neurotrope of Phase 3clinical trials using API, provided that Neurotrope will promptly inform BryoLogyx in writing of the date of completion of such Phase 3 clinical... trials, or (ii) such earlier or later date as is agreed by the Parties in writing in accordance with the terms of this Agreement. View More
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