Example Definitions of "Survey"
Survey. Means the most current ALTA/ACSM survey of the Property in Quantum's possession or control, a true and complete copy of which has been or will be delivered to Buyer.
Survey. Means the as-built survey of the Real Property prepared for Owner by Brian Moseley & Associates, Inc., last updated October 27, 2004, and certified to DRHC, Purchaser, and the Title Company, a copy of which has been delivered to Purchaser prior to the date hereof.
Survey. A survey of the Real Property prepared by a surveyor duly licensed in the jurisdiction in which the Real Property is located and certified to Buyer and the Title Company having been prepared in accordance with ALTA/ASCM 2011 Minimum Standard Detail Requirements.
Survey. Means a current boundary survey of the Land prepared in accordance with the ‘minimum standard detail requirement and accuracy standard’ adopted by American Land Title Association/American Congress on Surveying & Mapping (‘ALTA/ACSM’) in 1999.
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