Example Definitions of "Symantec"
Symantec. Symantec Corporation and any corporation or other business entity of which Symantec (i) directly or indirectly has an ownership interest of 50% or more, or (ii) has a right to elect or appoint 50% or more of the board of directors or other governing body.
Symantec. Shall mean and include (a) Symantec Corporation, including its predecessors and successors, (b) all past, present and future parents, subsidiaries, and related and affiliated entities of Symantec Corporation, including, but not limited to, Symantec International, and (c) the past, present and future shareholders, members, partners, co-venturers, managers, guarantors, indemnitors, assignors, assignees, investors, lenders, directors, officers, employees, associates, attorneys, accountants,... advisors, consultants, agents and representatives of Symantec Corporation and of its parent, subsidiary, related and affiliated entities. View More
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