Synthetic Position

Example Definitions of "Synthetic Position"
Synthetic Position. Shall mean any option, warrant, convertible security, stock appreciation right, or other security, contract right or derivative position or similar right (including any "swap" transaction with respect to any security, other than a broad based market basket or index) (each of the foregoing, a "Derivative"), whether or not presently exercisable, that has an exercise or conversion privilege or a settlement payment or mechanism at a price related to the value of any equity securities of the Company... or a value determined in whole or in part with reference to, or derived in whole or in part from, the value of any equity securities of the Company and that increases in value as the market price or value of any such securities increases or that provides an opportunity, directly or indirectly, to profit or share in any profit derived from any increase in the value of any such securities, in each case regardless of whether (i) it conveys any voting rights in such securities to any Person, (ii) it is required to be or capable of being settled, in whole or in part, in cash or in equity securities of the Company or otherwise or (iii) any Person (including the holder of such Synthetic Position) may have entered into other transactions that hedge its economic effect View More
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