System "Alfa-Client On-line"

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System "Alfa-Client On-line". A part of the corporate information system of the Financial Agent designed for remote servicing the Client using the Internet, which provides, inter alia, the preparation, transmission, reception, processing of electronic documents sent by the Client to the Financial Agent. The procedure of servicing the Client via the System "Alfa-Client On-line'', including the procedure of registration, signing and forwarding the Electronic Register by the Client to the Financial Agent shall be established... by the Agreement on servicing clients of the "Alfa-Client On-line'' between the Parties taking into account the requirements set by the Parties in this Agreement. If at the time of signing of this Agreement, the Client is not connected to the System "Alfa-Client On-line'' the Parties shall enter into an additional Agreement for Servicing the Clients via the System "Alfa-Client On-line''. View More
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