System Technology

Example Definitions of "System Technology"
System Technology. All proprietary computer software (including all object code, source code, HTML, Java, PL/SQL, C, C++ and other code, files, records and data), and all know-how, techniques, processes, methods, products, applications and other technology that SFDC owns, controls or acquires and has the right to license to Licensee, to the extent utilized in or for the development, operation, administration, distribution, provision, support, maintenance and/or marketing of the SFDC Service as of the Effective... Date (and during the term of the Agreement) and which are reasonably necessary or relevant for Licensee to develop, operate, administer, distribute, provide, support, maintain and market in the Territory products and services similar to those provided by SFDC as of the Effective Date (and during the term of the Agreement). System Technology includes, without limitation, the Products, any Localizations of the System Technology developed by SFDC, and other information possessed by SFDC relating to or reasonably necessary to provision of the Japan Service to Customers (whether Licensee or SFDC hosts the Japan Service). View More
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