Taberna Transferred Rights

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Taberna Transferred Rights. Any and all of Taberna's right, title, and interest in, to and under the Original Holdings, together with the following: (i) all amounts payable to Taberna under the Original Holdings, the Existing Indenture and/or the Trust Agreement, excluding, however, amounts payable on account of accrued distributions for the period from October 30, 2009 through and including January 15, 2010; (ii) all claims (including "claims" as defined in Bankruptcy Code ยง101(5)), suits, causes of action, and any other... right of Taberna, whether known or unknown, against the Company or any of its affiliates (including the Trust), agents, representatives, contractors, advisors, or any other entity that in any way is based upon, arises out of or is related to any of the foregoing, including all claims (including contract claims, tort claims, malpractice claims, and claims under any law governing the exchange of, purchase and sale of, or indentures for, securities), suits, causes of action, and any other right of Taberna against any attorney, accountant, financial advisor, or other entity arising under or in connection with the Original Holdings, the Existing Indenture, the Trust Agreement or the transactions related thereto or contemplated thereby; (iii) all guarantees and all collateral and security of any kind for or in respect of the foregoing; (iv) all cash, securities, or other property, and all setoffs and recoupments, to be received, applied, or effected by or for the account of Taberna under the Original Holdings, other than fees, costs and expenses payable to Taberna hereunder and all cash, securities, interest, dividends, and other property that may be exchanged for, or distributed or collected with respect to, any of the foregoing; and (v) all proceeds of the foregoing View More
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