Tangible Personal Property

Example Definitions of "Tangible Personal Property"
Tangible Personal Property. All tangible personal property (other than Excluded Assets) used to conduct the Business including, without limitation, all production and processing equipment, warehouse equipment, computer hardware, furniture and fixtures, transportation equipment, leasehold improvements, tooling, supplies and other tangible personal property whether located at the Facilities or elsewhere, together with any transferable manufacturer or vendor warranties related thereto.
Tangible Personal Property. A collective reference to all machinery, equipment, fixtures, furnishings, vehicles, artwork, and other tangible personal property, if any, owned by Seller and either (1) situated in or upon the Real Property or (2) used exclusively in connection with the operation or maintenance of the Real Property or any part thereof, together with all replacements or additions thereto between the Contract Date and the Closing Date made in the normal course of Seller's business and consistent with past... practice and the terms of this Agreement, a list of which is attached hereto as Exhibit B, as said list may be supplemented by Seller on or before the Closing Date to reflect changes consistent with the provisions of Section 8 of this Agreement. View More
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