Target Amount

Example Definitions of "Target Amount"
Target Amount. Means the target number of Shares, target number of Options, Stock Purchase Rights, or target cash value established by the Committee and set forth in the applicable Award Agreement.
Target Amount. The dollar amount designated in the written notice to the Participant communicating the Performance Grant.
Target Amount. With respect to all Investments, a dollar amount equal to the amount of all Investments made by the Principal Stockholders on or prior to the date of a Change in Control. For purposes of calculating the Target Amount, the amount of an Investment shall be the amount paid by such Principal Stockholder to any person (including, without limitation, the Company, any of its subsidiaries, or any underwriter) for the purchase of such equity securities or instruments; provided, that if such Principal... Stockholder shall have acquired such equity securities or instruments directly from another Principal Stockholder or through an uninterrupted series of Principal Stockholders, the amount of such Investment shall be the amount initially paid to purchase such equity securities or instruments from a person other than a Principal Stockholder. View More
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