Target Annual Incentive Bonus

Example Definitions of "Target Annual Incentive Bonus"
Target Annual Incentive Bonus. An Annual Incentive Bonus (stated as a cash amount even if it may be payable in the form of equity) payable under a Corporate Incentive Plan of the Company for achievement of performance measure(s) at the Target Level. "Corporate Incentive Plan" means any incentive program of the Company in effect at the respective time to the extent it provides for compensation upon achievement of one or more performance measures with a performance period of one year or less and service-based vesting with a... vesting term of less than fifteen (15) months ("Annual Incentive Bonus"). "Target Level" means the level at which 100% of a Target Annual Incentive Bonus becomes payable. Any upside bonus or other amounts that may be earned for achievement of performance measures beyond the Target Level under the Corporate Incentive Plan and any discretionary or other bonus are not considered part of the Target Annual Incentive Bonus. "Bonus Equity" means any Equity Award granted to the Executive under the Corporate Incentive Plan that may be earned upon achievement of one or more performance measures. View More
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