Target Award Level

Example Definitions of "Target Award Level"
Target Award Level. Shall mean an amount established annually for each Participant in the Plan which represents the incentive opportunity which may be available to that Participant if all established Corporate, Business Unit and Individual Performance Goals are met, expressed as a percentage of base earnings, including deferred compensation (other than deferred Awards under the Plan). The Plan shall be administered in accordance with the terms of this Plan Document by the Compensation/Human Resources Committee... upon the recommendations of the Chairman. All decisions of the Committee shall be binding and conclusive on the Participants in the Plan, and upon any party claiming an interest in the Plan through or on behalf of a Participant or former Participant, or on any other basis. Notwithstanding any other provision of the Plan, the Committee shall have the discretion to adjust or eliminate awards within any Participant's Maximum Award Opportunity. A Participant's participation in the Plan shall not be deemed to create a contractual relationship or any other form of obligation between the Participant and the Company, and shall not establish entitlement to any Award. View More
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