Target Incentive Award

Example Definitions of "Target Incentive Award"
Target Incentive Award. The incentive award amount for the Performance Period expressed by the Committee as a percentage of a Participant's Base Salary. To the extent (i) the Committee establishes Target Incentive Awards by job title or officer groups and a Participant's job title or officer group changes to a title or a group that provides for a lower or higher percentage of Base Salary as the Participant's Target Incentive Award or (ii) the Committee decides to change the Target Incentive Award of a Participant even... without a change in job title or officer group, the Participant's Target Incentive Award for the remaining portion of the Performance Period shall be redetermined to reflect the different percentage of Base Salary applicable for such new job title or officer class or for such Participant; provided, however, that the Committee may not increase the Target Incentive Award for a Covered Employee under subpart (ii) after the ninetieth (90th) calendar day of a Performance Period. View More
Target Incentive Award. The dollar amount, as determined by the Committee in its sole discretion, that a Participant would be paid pursuant to this Plan upon the achievement of Operational Incentive Goals and Asset Sale Incentive Goals at target
Target Incentive Award. The percentage of a Participant's base salary or the flat target amount assigned to a Participant in the Plan for a given Performance Period (prorated if applicable to reflect changes in position or for such other circumstances as may be determined by the Committee in its discretion), assuming satisfaction of the applicable Performance Measures and as determined by the Committee in its sole discretion
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