Target Incentive Compensation

Example Definitions of "Target Incentive Compensation"
Target Incentive Compensation. With respect to any calendar year, the annual incentive bonus the Executive would have been entitled to receive under any applicable plan or program of the Company (or of a subsidiary) providing for incentive compensation had he remained employed by the Company (or a subsidiary) and assuming that performance at the level designated as "target" for such calendar year had been met
Target Incentive Compensation. Target Incentive Compensation means the then-current incentive compensation target (percentage multiplied by salary or dollar figure) as set forth in the Employee's then-current incentive compensation plan established for the Employee by the Compensation Committee or other party with the authority to establish such incentive compensation target.
Target Incentive Compensation. The Participant's target cash performance bonus, if any, for the year in which the Date of Termination occurs.
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