Target Performance Objectives

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Target Performance Objectives. One or more performance objectives with respect to the Participant, the Company or any Subsidiary (or as otherwise permitted by this Plan), which, if achieved, would result in the retention of Stock (in the case of an Award of performance-based Restricted Stock) or payment of compensation (in the case of any other performance-based Award) pursuant the terms of an Award agreement, in each case which may be earned and payable (or, in the case of an Award of Restricted Stock or Restricted Stock... Units, earned and with respect to which restrictions will lapse) based upon the performance objectives for a particular Performance Period, all as determined by the Committee. In determining Target Performance Objectives, the performance objectives or criteria used may vary from Participant to Participant and will be based upon such criteria or other factors as the Committee deems appropriate, which may include, but not be limited to (i) the performance of the Participant, the Company, one or more Subsidiaries, or any combination thereof, and (ii) one or more of the criteria set forth in Section 7.B. The terms and conditions of an Award may provide for the award of additional compensation or other provisions that may apply if Target Performance Objectives are exceeded. View More
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