Example Definitions of "Target"
Target. The performance goals of the Company. Such goals would include but be limited to annual EBITDA, as established by Company management and approved by the Board as part of its annual operating plan.
Target. Any biological target selected by Sankyo for which Sankyo has certain proprietary technology and/or expertise.
Target. Shall mean the biological target against which activity of an Active Compound was revealed, together with any related biomolecules that (i) (A) exhibit substantial structural homology with the identified biomolecule, as measured by the degree of similarity in the primary structure (i.e., amino acid sequence, nucleotide sequence, monosaccharide linkages) and secondary structure (i.e., three-dimensional structure), or (B) perform a substantially similar function as the identified biomolecule, and... (ii) have therapeutic relevance. Biological targets shall not be considered as exhibiting substantial structural homology nor functional similarity if such biological targets are generally recognized by the scientific community as being different. View More
Target. The meaning set forth in the Purchase Agreement
Target. The Person and assets to be acquired by the Parent or its Restricted Subsidiaries pursuant to the Stock Purchase Agreement
Target. The performance level on an Objective at which, if achieved, the Target Incentive for that Objective is earned.
Target. Any human protein or human peptide with a specified biological activity (e.g., agonist or antagonist) that is not a scaffold for the generation of multiple molecules with different binding properties
Target. The First Target, the Second Target or the Third Target, as applicable.
Target. Means the Company's or its Affiliates' desired performance metric achievement determined for each fiscal year to calculate Executive pay for benchmarking purposes. For fiscal 2015, the Target achievement level was an "exceeds" rating.
Target. Means FTS Holding Corporation.
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