Tax Authority

Example Definitions of "Tax Authority"
Tax Authority. Any local or national authority in or outside The Netherlands having the power to impose or collect Tax
Tax Authority. Any governmental authority or any subdivision, agency, commission or authority thereof or any quasi-governmental or private body having jurisdiction over the assessment, determination, collection or imposition of any Tax (including the Service)
Tax Authority. HM Revenue and Customs or any other person, authority, body or official which is from time to time responsible for the care, management or administration (inter alia) of Value Added Tax
Tax Authority. Any U.S., English or Hong Kong governmental authority, whether local, state or federal, or any agency of such authority which is competent to charge, impose or collect any Tax
Tax Authority. Any government, state or municipality or any local, state, federal or other fiscal, revenue, customs or excise authority, body or official competent to impose, collect or assess tax in the United Kingdom or any foreign jurisdiction.
Tax Authority. Any statutory, federal, state, governmental or municipal authority or body (anywhere in the world) involved in the collection or administration of any Tax
Tax Authority. Any Irish, United States, foreign or supranational, federal, state or local governmental commission, board, body, bureau, or other regulatory authority, agency, including courts and other judicial bodies, or any other governmental, trade or regulatory agency or body, in each case, in any jurisdiction responsible for the assessment, collection or enforcement of laws relating to Taxes or for making any decision or ruling on any matter relating to Tax (including the U.S. Internal Revenue Service... and the Irish Revenue Commissioners) View More
Tax Authority. Any governmental agency, board, bureau, body, department or authority of any United States federal, state or local jurisdiction or any foreign jurisdiction, having or purporting to exercise jurisdiction with respect to any Tax.
Tax Authority. Means any body or organization in any jurisdiction having authority over a party in relation to Tax;
Tax Authority. Means any Governmental Authority competent to impose any liability in respect of Tax or responsible for the administration and/or collection of Tax or enforcement of any law in relation to Tax.
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