Tax Liability

Example Definitions of "Tax Liability"
Tax Liability. As to any Member as of the close of any fiscal year or other accounting period, (i) the amount of net taxable income and gain of the Company allocated with respect to such Member's interest in the Company (including to predecessor holders) pursuant to Section 6 for periods through and including the close of such fiscal year or other accounting period, multiplied by (ii) the highest combined federal and state rate (taking into account any federal deductibility of state taxes and vice versa, and... any applicable capital gain or other preferences) applicable to individual residents of Massachusetts, in the case of allocations to a Class B Member , or to corporations with principal places of business in Illinois, in the case of the Class A Member, for such fiscal year or other accounting period View More
Tax Liability. Means any amount of tax or social security contributions for which a Participant would or may be liable and for which any Group Member or former Group Member would or may be obliged to (or would or may suffer a disadvantage if it were not to) account to any relevant authority
Tax Liability. Any amount of U.S. or non-U.S. federal, state or local income tax, social security (or similar) contributions, payroll tax, fringe benefits tax, payment on account and/or other tax-related items related to the participation in the Plan and legally applicable to the Participant, which the Company and/or an Affiliate or Subsidiary may become liable to pay on the Participant's behalf to the relevant authorities in any jurisdiction.
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