Technology Access Fee

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Technology Access Fee. (i) replacing all references to "Bona Fide Collaboration" in such definition with "Bona Fide Discovery Collaboration" and (ii) replacing clause (iii) thereof with the following: (iii) payments specifically committed to reimburse Alnylam for the fully-burdened cost of research and development, including without limitation the fully-burdened cost of products transferred by Alnylam in connection with such research and development, and payments received by Alnylam pursuant to the Agbio License... Agreement that are specifically committed to reimburse Alnylam for the cost of Patent prosecution, maintenance and/or defense of Patents covering or claiming Agricultural Field Products; provided, however, that any payments received by Alnylam but not applied to reimburse Alnylam for such expenses will be Technology Access Fees View More
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