Televisa Percentage

Example Definitions of "Televisa Percentage"
Televisa Percentage. Shall have the meaning set forth in the Technical Assistance Agreement
Televisa Percentage. At any given time, thirty-five percent (35%), plus (i) the product of five percent (5%) multiplied by the percentage of the Additional Equity Amount (with the amount of shares of Common Stock comprising the Additional Equity Amount to be determined as of the date hereof, but subject to adjustments for issuances, redemptions, repurchases and similar transactions) held by the Televisa Investors as of such time, plus (ii) the Televisa Forfeiture Portion in respect of any Managers who have ceased... to be Managers. For illustrative purposes, if Televisa acquires 50% of the Additional Equity Amount, and thereafter a Manager ceases to be a Manager and Televisa's portion of such Manager's Forfeited Percentage is 1.75%, the Televisa Percentage shall be 39.25% View More
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